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Aman Kanjhlia

As the Head of Digital Content & Brand Solutions (https://www.linkedin.com/in/amankanjhlia/ ), I define, curate and deliver strategic content & communication led monetizable initiatives for brands at HT Digital.
With story-telling becoming mainstream, my aim is to create engaging experiences that make for great narratives. Decoding a brand’s requirement, identifying the need-gap and achieving the defined objective through a compelling story is what I do best!
In my 20+ years career, I have worked with the best of the companies and sharpest minds, be it The Economic Times, Network 18, HT Media, TinyOwl Technologies, Percept or Rediff.com.
With experience panning all formats of media and communication and profiles which are as diverse as managing P&L to story based marketing campaigns, I believe these are exciting times for marketers as the world of ‘content’ and ‘communication’ is democratized by technology. It’s an era to employ technology to engage with your community led by EQ, aided by storytelling and driven by value.

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Our Speaker

Soumini Sridhara Paul

Vice President | Artist Aloud (Hungama Digital Media Entertainment)
Welcome to MiExpo Music Conference

Our Juror

Balaji Vaidyanathan

Director & Head of Marketing CEEMA | Franklin Templeton

Rituraj Bidwai

Head of Digital Marketing | Sobha LTD.

Anil Kumar Singh

Head - SEO & Organic Growth | HT Digital Streams

Zubin Kutar

Head - Digital Marketing Transformation | Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

Aman Kanjhlia

Head- Digital Content & Brand Solutions | HT Digital

Anay Pathak

Advisory Consultant and CTO Ambassador | Dell Technologies.

Imran Qadri

Head - Marketing & PR, Asia Emerging Markets | India Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Sujan Roy

Head (SAARC) - International Operations | Ashok Leyland
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  • 05th April 2024 - 31 May 2024
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